I Will Defend/Bully Prevention

stop bullying imageDear Parents and Community

On Wednesday Jan 9th at 1:00 pm in the High School gym, we will be having one of the best speakers in the nation (Jerry Ackerman) talking to our kids about bullying prevention. Below is a brief description of what he will be addressing while he’s here in Ione.

I Will Defend / Bullying Prevention, adapted for K-12

This FANTASTIC keynote for the I Will Defend bullying initiative, helps focus the 90% of students who are neither the bully or bullied; they are the bystander.  Through unique student participation,  humorous stories, tangible and practical tools, and
energy, Jerry communicates a passionate message about taking the power away from a bully.

Dude. Chill. is a catchphrase that Jerry uses throughout the presentation.  And, if you're lucky, the Lawnmower is performed for the audience.  PLEASE realize, this is not your typical bullying assembly.  This is real, honest, relevant talk for students to take and change their school.

If you would like to attend this assembly, we would more than encourage you to come and hear what Mr. Ackerman has to say.

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