Ione Students Give to Area Districts

homan and marshall with check

The Ione School District is reaching out to a couple of area schools recently affected by catastrophes.

Ione students recently held a fundraiser entitled "Help The Joseph Eagles Fly Again". The gym of Joseph Charter School in Joseph, Oregon, was destroyed by fire in January. At a recent basketball game, Ione School district donated funds from admission tickets, the "gate", plus students supplied a number of auction items that were auctioned between the games.

All told, the efforts raised $2,077.37 for Joseph School. Ione Principal Rollie Marshall presented the check to Joseph School District Superintendent Lance Homan, who was humbled by the donation, Marshall said.

Ione High School students are not finished with their desire to help. After hearing about the damage to the Umatilla High School Sports-Complex from recent area flooding, Ione students will be volunteering their time, effort, shovels, power washers and more to help clean up the mud and debris left after the flood waters recede.

"I am so proud of how our students have stepped up to reach out to area schools. This just reinforces the values and empathy our kids have been raised with,” Marshall said.

PHOTO CAPTION:  On left, Joseph School Superintendent Lance Homan receives the donation check from Ione Principal Rollie Marshall.

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