New Snow Routes in Ione this Winter

school bus driving on snowy road

Similar to last year, if the Ione School District needs to delay school due to inclement weather, school will be on a 3-HOUR Delay. Ione School District is trying something new this year.

In coordination with Mid Columbia Bus Company and the Morrow County Road Department, the district has created “Ione Snow Routes”. After the 3-HOUR Delay, when school opens, there may be times students will be asked to go to the Snow Route locations in order to be transported to school. If you can get your student to one of the snow routes (at estimated time of pick-ups) we will get them the rest of the way to school.

The locations are listed on the Ione Snow Routes. This information can also be found under the Information Tab or the Shortcuts Menu on the school website.

Mid Columbia Bus Company will be contacting families about the new Snow Routes. If you have questions, please call the office.

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