The name of this organization shall be Cardinal Booster Club.

ARTICLE II - Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to support and help promote youth activities at Ione Community School, Ione, Oregon. 

ARTICLE III - Membership

Any person who supports the purpose of this organization is eligible for active membership with the full responsibilities and privileges thereof.


Dues shall be assessed annually of all members of this organization at the rate of $5.00 for individuals, a family membership package of $50, or a business membership package of $100 due October 1 of each calendar year.

ARTICLE V - Government

Section 1

This organization shall elect four officers for one year terms for the following positions: 

  1. President 
  2. Vice-President 
  3. Secretary/Treasurer 
  4. Concessions Chairperson 

Officers can be re-elected for unlimited terms.

Section 2

The affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by the board of directors.  The number of directors constituting the board of directors shall be seven, consisting of the four officers, the school athletic director and two elected members at large.

Electing at large positions:  The board of directors shall appoint a nominating committee of two persons.  The nominating committee shall present candidates to the board of directors.  The membership shall elect the board of directors from the slate put forward by the nominating committee.  The election of the board shall be by the members present at the annual meeting.  The newly elected board members shall serve terms of two years.

Section 3

The funds of this organization shall be withdrawn from the bank with which they are on deposit by the signatures of two designated board members. 

Section 4

Officers shall take office on October 1 and serve until September 30 of the following year. These dates shall constitute the fiscal year for the organization. 

Section 5 

All committees shall be appointed by the president following consultation with the board of directors.

ARTICLE VI - Duties of Officers

Section 1

The president shall supervise the affairs, activities, and chair the meetings of this organization.

Section 2 

The vice-president shall preside in the absence of or at the request of the president.

Section 3 

The secretary/treasurer shall:

  • Handle all correspondence, press releases, etc.   
  • Record and file the minutes of all meetings 
  • Maintain a roster of all active members 
  • Receive all financial records for the organization 
  • Make a monthly report of stewardship of funds 

ARTICLE VII - Meetings

The organization shall hold regular monthly meetings which shall be open to all active members and their guests.  The meetings will be held the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Ione Community School library. The annual meeting will be in June, at the regular monthly meeting.  Special meetings may be called, or meeting dates rescheduled, at any time by the board of directors.

ARTICLE VIII - Exemption and Corporation Tax Law

The Cardinal Booster Club is organized solely as a non-profit association and its activities shall be conducted for the aforesaid purpose in such a manner that no part of its earnings or property will inure to the benefit of any member, director, officer, individual, firm or corporation.  Upon dissolution or final liquidation, all assets remaining after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities will be distributed to some other qualified non-profit organization, exempt under section 501 C(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. The receiving organization shall be determined by the membership of this association. 

ARTICLE IX - Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings of this organization.

ARTICLE X - Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any general meeting, provided notice of the proposal to make amendments has been published in the local newspaper or in a special letter to each active member, the notice given at least fifteen days prior to such a meeting.