Cardinal Booster Club Scholarship

The Cardinal Booster Club scholarship is a cash grant awarded annually to one or more Ione High School graduating seniors. The following information details the scholarship's application procedure and criteria:

Application Procedure

  1. The school counselor or scholarship representative shall be responsible for distributing scholarship application information to senior class members interested in applying for the Cardinal Booster Club scholarship no later than March 1.
  2. Each applicant shall complete the requirements for the Cardinal Booster Club scholarship and submit it to Mr. Rudolf by March 15 of the school year.
  3. A selection committee shall be convened to review the applications and select the recipient(s).  The committee shall be comprised of two representatives from the Ione community and one Ione High School teacher.  Committee members shall not be related to, or legal guardians for, any of the applicants.
  4. The selection committee shall recommend one or more winners for the scholarship amount and determine the distribution of scholarship funds.  A total of $1500 will be available for distribution.  However, no one applicant may receive over $500.  The Cardinal Booster Club reserves the right to make final selection and distribution of any and all scholarship funds.  If no applicant is deemed worthy by the committee to receive the award, the scholarship shall not be given that year.
  5. The selection committee shall notify the Cardinal Booster Club president of their recommendation.  Scholarship recipients shall be announced at the graduation ceremony.
  6. Funds will be released only upon receipt of documentation of the student's enrollment in the second term or semester of a post high school educational institution.


  1. Each applicant shall be judged on the basis of written communication skills, participation and leadership in school activities and community involvement.
  2. Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) for this scholarship shall be 3.0.

This application must include:

  • A paragraph (50 words or less) outlining the applicant's post high school education plans
  • A short essay (200 words or less) in which the applicant describes a personal accomplishment and the strengths and skills used to achieve it
  • A set of high school transcripts
  • A list of school activities, including leadership roles and a list of community service activities.
  • Two letters of recommendation