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The Responsibility to Make a Difference!

Mount HoodSelf-reliance, local control and a sense of pride all contribute to a spirit of generosity that is the hallmark of our small town's past. This core belief is in the heart of all Ione residents, past and present. We must continue this spirit well into the community's future. The Ione School has always been the glue that binds our community to that basic belief.

The future of our school depends on all citizens of Ione and the alumni of the Ione School system.  This is where the Ione Education Foundation can help.  It is the mission of the IEF to preserve and support the legacy of excellence of the Ione School and our rural community.

Why a Foundation?

Since the passage of property tax limitations, funding for all schools comes from the state. Local control has been lost.  Members of the Ione community and Ione alumni have been able to supplement funding to our schools by donating to the Ione Education Foundation knowing that their money will be spent in Ione.  The success of the Ione School not only enhances our children's education, but also improves the Ione Community. This provides opportunities for businesses and jobs.


  1. Ione ChildrenTo maintain a kindergarten through twelfth grade public school in Ione
  2. To support educational programs that are not being adequately funded by state or local government
  3. To establish an endowment for long term support of the Ione community school and its students.
  4. To seek funding through grants and all other sources to support the Ione Community School.

How You Can Help

  • Monetary Gifts
  • Equipment Donations
  • Auction Items
  • Memorials
  • Will and Estate Planning
  • Crops

Download our printable donation form. (PDF)

About Membership

Agriculture The Ione Education Foundation is a membership organization. 

  • Voting memberships are available for a $50 donation.
  • High School and College memberships are available for a $20 donation.

More information and Questions

If you need more information or have questions, we invite you to contact any of our board members.

  • Joe McElligott, 422-7257
  • Anita Orem, Treasurer
  • Brian Doherty, Secretary 989-8443
  • Joel Peterson, President, 422-7215
  • Tara Proudfoot,  422-7538
  • Martin Medina 
  • Jill Martin, Vice President, 989-8480