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Well Care Visits, Sports, and Activities Exams

Image: StethescopeThis fall students may do their sports physicals at the clinic. The school will not be doing physicals.  Athletes will need a current physical to participate in sports. 

You can set up an appointment at the Ione Community Clinic (541) 422-7128. 

Summer Information

Office Hours

  • Beginning August 8th Office hours are 7:30 am - 3:30 pm Mon- Thurs.

Pool Hours:  August

Pool closed August 8-12th for maintenance.  Take in the Umatilla County Fair!!!

  • Day Swim 1pm-4pm
  • Adult Swim 4pm-5pm
  • Night Swim 5pm-7pm

Admission $2.00 per person, $50.00 for a One Person Season Pass, $100.00 for a Family Season Pass

High School VB/FB Practice Begins August 15th

  • Volleyball practice starts at 7 PM
  • Football practice starts at 6 PM

Don't forget students need a sports physical prior to practice.  Make an appt at Ione Community Clinic if you need a sports physical.  541 422-7128

First day of school is on August 29th!!!!

WE ARE LEAD FREE!!  We had our water tests done on June 22nd. The results showed that we are significantly below acceptable levels of lead in the water. All fountains and the school cafeteria were sampled. 


See the office for details